Born, Scotia, Humboldt County, California,1947. I am self taught and have been painting for more than 45 years.  

There have been two main influences of my artistic life. The first was print maker Brenda Tuxford. She encouraged me to be bold and “just go for it”. The other was Morris Graves. Morris was one of the four original artists of the “Northwest School “movement that was born in Seattle in the early 1950’s. I had the great honor to have known Morris Graves and to have shown my work along side his.

My subjects revolve around the rivers, forests and all manner of plant and animal kingdoms of my home and on occasion the effect of technology upon them. The constantly fluctuating interaction of these kingdoms springs imagery to my mind, using this imagery I strive to make curious, thought provoking paintings with the overarching feeling of reverence, without the saccharine sentiment. I believe this imagined imagery is the wellspring of mythology. My work balances on the line of dualities, loose (oil) and tight (egg tempera), humor and distress, beautiful and ugly, what we have and what we are loosing on our jewel of a planet, Earth. Destructive futuristic or technological possibilities are sometimes woven in to point to the dangers to our home. This sometimes makes my work visually edgy and intriguing.

Dona Blakely




I work on rag paper, linen or panel.  I paint with oil and egg tempera.  I also use gold, silver and copper leaf.  I paint, abrade, crack and repeat many times.  This creates a unique texture and depth to the surface.  The size of my paintings vary from a few inches to 8 feet.


Dona Blakely is a Green Visionary                                                                                                Her paintings spring from the heart of Mother Earth.  You don't just "look" at her pictures-you engage in feeling, and knowing, WITH them, as they murmur the location of your true belonging.  Her paintings settle your heart, while simultaneously unsettling your conscience, prompting you to ask "what more can I do?" to preserve the Eden of this planet.

Her art is luminescently mysterious, blood-direct and an invitation to return to our true Home.

Susan Hagemann,                                                                                                        Healer,Writer, Grandmother

Dona Blakely artist, "The Reveal" show at the Piante Gallery, 4-1-17

Conjuring the Breath of Life